Funny Celebrity Quotes

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Stars say the funniest things, and through the years they have come through with some classic lines and some that were just plain dumb! Let’s take a look at some that made us smirk..

Amisha Patel

“If someone talks bad about me it only goes to show that the person feels insecure.”

– Then you must be the definition of insecurity..

Kareena on Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

“I don’t think any actress in the last 10-15 years has essayed such a deep role.”

– By deep role if you mean shrieking like a strangled cat throughout, then sure it was real deep!

Tanisha Mukherjee on Neal N Nikki

“And by the way, it’s not a bra, it is a bikini top. I think I have the kind of body on which that bikini top looks good.”

– If you say so Tanisha!

Tanisha Mukherjee

“What have I done as to provoke you to ask such a question? I look glamorous and not vulgar in Neal ‘N’ Nikki. I have done what a bindaas girl in Canada would do.”

– Right…

Uday Chopra defending Tanisha

“Since Canada is in the background of the movie, she has dressed herself according to the country and its culture.”

– So according to Canadian culture the girls prance around the streets half naked?

Salman Khan

“The court can hang me. I am tired of such lengthy proceedings.”

– I would have thought it would be second nature by now, Salman.

Anu Malik

“When I go abroad, women throw themselves at me. But I’m not into one-night-stands or flings.”

– What women would these be?!!

Shahrukh Khan

“I truly believe that no actor can touch me.”

– How about a pump for that inflated ego of yours King Kong? Woops! I mean King Khan.

Salman Khan

“The media also wrote a lot of incorrect facts about me. This did not help me either. The media kept hammering me, but I maintained my silence.”

– Ah I see, was this before or after you ran over four pavement dwellers?

Amisha Patel

“While the Kareenas, Mallikas, Bipashas and Laras are on one side. Aishwarya, Rani, Preity and myself are on another.”

– Yes Amisha, you keep believing that..

Amrita Arora

“I needed roles where I could express a gamut of emotions. I was fed up of playing a bimbo. Watch out for me in 2006. I feel it’s going to be a good year for me.”

– I’m sorry we must have missed it, where were you?

Shakti Kapoor

“The best way to sober me down is by kissing me all over.”

– Somehow I doubt there are any takers for such a noble cause..

Sunil Shetty

“The Friday I give a hit, every top heroine will once again die to work with me.”

– And the last time you gave a solo hit was..?

Amisha Patel

“I didn’t bad mouth anybody. It’s just that when I saw the film, I felt that the film was totally made for Hrithik.”

– I suppose you didn’t know that the director was Hrithik’s dad?

Karisma Kapoor

“It took a lot of courage for me to do this role. It was very challenging. I had to wear sindoor.”

– Wow, what a challenge that must have been. We salute you!

A. R. Rahman

“If I were 25, I’d have had an affair with Celina Jaitely.”

– I doubt the feeling is mutual…

Kareena Kapoor (on Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon)

“The parrot will be a riot among audiences.”

– Actually I think it was your acting that caused the real riot…

Aishwarya Rai

“It’s strange that Rakesh Roshan thinks I look older than Hrithik.
In fact, he’s approached me for all his home productions.”

– I’m sure Rakesh is kicking himself for it now..

Hrithik Roshan

“Nothing seems different after marriage. When I wake up in the morning I see that I am still the same good-looking guy.”

– Now normally a taunt would be necessary for such an arrogant remark, but fortunately he’s right!

Rahul Dev

“When girls tell me they find me sexy or attractive, I feel they’re pulling my leg.”

– Yeah, we think they are too!

Himesh Reshammiya on Sanjaya Malakar

“Only real talent can survive the odds. I haven’t heard him, but would check him out and only his talent will stand him a chance for a performance with me.”

– Ah yes, because you being such a brilliant singer yourself can surely spot it in other people..

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