Genelia: “I hope the Imran-Genelia pair makes Jaane Tu… one hell of a rocking film.”

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On Friday, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na hits theaters and many a fan will be eagerly awaiting the start of the film. Produced by Aamir and Mansoor Khan, it stars their nephew Imran Khan. His love interest Aditi, is being portrayed by sort-of newcomer Genelia D’Souza. Sort-of newcomer because she is not new to acting in films, she is a star in the South Indian film industry plus she was seen in 2004’s Masti opposite Riteish Deshmukh. Now she is getting ready to make her mark in Bollywood. Genelia is excited about her films and recently she talked about all things Jaane Tu!

Since it is Imran’s debut film much of the attention has been focused on the handsome actor. So how does Genelia feel about that? “Nobody would be interested talking about me right now for sure. You know what I mean. It’s being practical. I wouldn’t have got this kind of buzz about my film. Any newcomer goes through the grind to get noticed. So being cast opposite Imran Khan, it’s being his launch, and he being from Aamir and Mansoor khan family, people are excited to know what this film is about. And eventually Aditi is important part of this film,” she said.

“Sure Imran will be more talked about and be on every cover page possible. But the film is still about Jai and Aditi. So the more people come to see Imran, the more they get to see me.”

So how does she rate Imran as an actor? “Technically he is very sound. For a newcomer he exactly knows what his shortcomings are. Everyone’s hardworking but to know where you are going wrong and the ability to be sensible is a great quality. I don’t know what’s his weakness but he should stop calling himself my spot boy. He enjoyed washing my hair.”

Getting back to her role as Aditi, Genelia explained: “Aditi is basically a ‘kali billi’…They call her meow. That’s because she’ll scratch you if she gets angry and won’t care whether it’s your face or hands. She is an extremist. She’ll love you like no one else but if she doesn’t like you there’s no limit to her hatred. And if you pick up a fight with Jai (Imran’s character) she’ll murder you. Jai wouldn’t even react but Aditi will slaughter you.” She said that her favorite scene is when Aditi fights.

Opposites attract and in this film the characters of Jai and Aditi definitely follow that rule. Genelia says: “Aditi and Jai are totally opposite and the reason why they work is because Aditi loves challenges in life, even if it is not needed. But Jai has an explanation for anything that’s going on in her life. Jai gives her the shoulder to cry on. At the same time, he is also the person she will pick up a fight with for no rhyme or reason.”

Is Aditi close to Genelia in real life? “They are very similar except for the power mouth bit. I can’t talk like that. Also I don’t think I can pick up a fight just for the heck of it.”

One of the songs from the film that has been setting the charts on fire is ‘Kabhi Khabi Zindagi Aditi’ and Genelia says it is her favorite song: “I always knew it was a good song, but now that so many people are loving it, I love it even more.” Thought she did reveal it was hard to shoot, “It was torture on the set to do. Everytime I had to do this dukhi (sad) bit. And suddenly from nowhere they would say cut and I would like jump out. I am glad that the song is catching up.”

Though there has been a lot of talk about the competition between jodi of Priyanka-Harman in LS2050 and Imran-Genelia in Janne Tu, Genelia says she does not want to get into that she just hopes, “The Imran-Genelia pair makes Jaane Tu… one hell of a rocking film.”

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