God Tussi Great Ho

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After delivering several popular albums including Partner, Sajid-Wajid are back yet again with another big budget Salman Khan film. But does this one really go as far as their previous work or is it a sore thumb in their roaring career graph?

The album opens with the title song, God Tussi Great Ho. With upbeat vocals by the hugely talented Sonu Nigam and Shankar Mahdevan, this song does have some universal appeal. Especially when the chorus chimes, you want to sing along. But other than that, the music is nothing special and doesn’t have the same memorable tunes as the magnanimous ‘Do you wanna Partner?’. There is also nothing new in the song, as all the instruments are those we have heard over and over again. It begins with a techno tune which courses throughout the entire song and then has the same old ‘shaadi’ type of drums and flutes. One would have expected the title track to be a bit more flowing and memorable. The lyrics also are utterly confusing and annoying!

Moving onto the second song of the album, Lal Chunariya, once again I have to admit that this song is nothing but plain. It reminds one of the song ‘Lal Dupatta’ in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi for which Sajid-Wajid also composed music. Really, it simply doesn’t sound fresh at all and everything from the lyrics, music, and feel of this song is ‘been there, done that’. It’s definitely a disappointing track with no great chorus and zero appeal.

Tujhe Aqsa Beach is the third track and has “winner” written all over it simply because of the fact that it has ‘Salman Khan’ written all over it. With a catchy chorus and unforgettable tunes, this song really sticks in your head and you end up singing along after one listen. The lyrics are very well crafted as well. They aren’t a ‘Dil se re’ or ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ but they certainly epitomize today’s generation in a fun and frolic way. Humorous and catchy, this song is one not to miss, although the short English raps in the middle were unnecessary. But all in all this is a great, fun, dance number.

From the beginning of the fourth track, Let’s Party, you can see that this song isn’t any different from any other disco-dance number. After finally building up with the third track, the album falls flat yet again. ‘Let’s Party’ is a song you really can’t bear after about one third of it. The chorus is extremely annoying with the same old tunes and the lyrics are nothing new. Overall, this song is lukewarm.

The last song is Tumko Dekha and it looks like they have saved the best for last. With a haunting melody and beautiful lyrics, this song indeed goes that extra mile straight into your heart. This is a lovely piece of work, one that might even make up for the other downers of this album. Yet still, it is not completely perfect. One could really have done without the suddenly fast momentum and the English lyrics in the middle which are very irritating! But other that that, this song is quite a rewarding listen.

Sajid-Wajid tried to re-create the magic this time around, but couldn’t find anything new or exciting to bring to the table. In all honesty, this album sounds like music we have heard in the early part of the new millennium. There is no single chartbuster that will appeal to the masses. The music of God Tussi Great Ho is definitely a downer, for the composers as well as the film in general.

Our Rating

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