Golmaal 3

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Golmaal, Golmaal, everything’s gonna be Golmaal! The catchy title song has now been altered from the original to a more hip 2010 version. The initial star cast had evolved from four actors to five actors and a heroine. But what remains the same is the following: director Rohit Shetty, Goa and basically the nonsense that is Golmaal. Yes, folks it is that time again: Golmaal time; Golmaal 3 that is. Now, while I simply adored the first installment and went meh, on the second, I’m awfully intrigued by Golmaal 3 and this for many reasons. For starters, it’s always great to see Ajay Devgn playing in a more chilled out role as opposed to the intense ones we always see him in. And then there is Arshad Warsi who we don’t see enough of; Kunal Khemu who desperately needs a hit film; Shreyas Talpade who um erm is around I guess while Tusshar Kapoor does what he does best: play a mute who communicates in noises. But it is the incredibly savvy Kareena Kapoor who has me slightly more excited for the film. Besides the obvious that she is insanely hot, Golmaal 3 is going to be one film where she will need to handle the comedy aspect alone considering she is the only actress in the film.

Golmaal 3 opens with a Karan Johar tagline: The family that lives together loves together and so on. However, when a couple (Mithun Chakraborty and Ratna Pathak Shah) decide to get married at a later age in life through their cupid Daboo (Kareena Kapoor). Mayhem strikes when the children of the couple simply refuse to get along with another. Chaos breaks loose after they are faced with a situation which throws them into a state of…Golmaal. And then, of course, the film is loaded with a number of side tracks and plots.

Is it funny? Yes, immensely. And it is miles funnier from the second installment which was spoofier; not to say Golmaal isn’t. Rohit Shetty can easily be deemed comedy king but Golmaal 3 and none of the previous installments, have been smart comedies. They have been chaotic and filled with nonsense. But that is ultimately what makes the series unique. Rohit Shetty has to commended for his insane sense of humor which really only he could think of. Whether it’s the one liners or the stunts and the meshing of both, he clearly knows his trade superbly. So yes, it’s a fun film. So what doesn’t work for the film? Yet again, the slapstick crude jokes and perhaps the overcomplicated plot. After a while, it all becomes a jumble which is too hard to decipher. Ultimately, some of the side plots could have been eliminated to create a more simple, effective and funny plot.

Ajay Devgn takes the cake and cherry with Golmaal 3. He looks like a stud and performs with ease. And it’s great to see the actor back with a bang as he kicks butt with his innate stunts. Lovely lovely lovely! Kareena Kapoor has fun and enjoys herself – this is evident. Arshad Warsi is around and sometimes looks lost. Shreyas Talpade and Kunal Khemu are funny with the latter claiming more screen space than the prior. Mithun Da is fabulous! We really need to see more of him but he is awesome in Golmaal 3.

So should you watch Golmaal 3? Yes. You definitely should. Especially if you are a Golmaal series fan. After a disappointing second part, the third manages to really bring back the essence of Golmaal. A fun Diwali watch.

Our Rating

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