Govinda and Ganesh Acharya’s friendship sours after ‘MHTHH’

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Bollywood friendships rarely seem to last, and Govinda and Ganesh Acharya can now support the assumption as they have, according to Govinda, become extremely distant. Recall that the two were friends were quite some time and Govinda even agreed to be part of Acharya’s Money Hai Toh Honey Hai which recently flopped big time at the box office.

Govinda says that whenever he tried to give some input to his director during the making of the film, it was rejected. “I don’t know how it happened. Even members of one’s own family stop listening to you after a point. Ganesh felt that I should not interfere in his writing skills. He insisted that I obediently listen to him without questioning him whatsoever on the sets,” he explains. Govinda had advised Ganesh not to let the film get too long with subplots and also explain the existence of some characters in the film, which Ganesh did not do and critics have recently picked upon.

Funnily enough, Govinda was promised that Akshay Kumar would be making an appearance in a song, which never happened. Govinda says, “Ganesh had promised me that Akshay Kumar will be making a guest appearance for the song ‘Masha Allah’. But Ganesh featured in the song himself. Yeh ek bhayankar surprise hua (This was a shocking surprise).” Hah!

Once again, over filmy matters, a friendship has gone wrong and it remains to be seen whether the two will ever patch up or not.

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