Govinda: “I want to take my work further… I think I’ve just begun my career now”

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Govinda aka Chichi’s career is on a second high road and he is very excited about his new or shall we call it re-popularity. Audiences loved his performances in both Salaam-E-Ishq and Partner and he feels that even after 20 years in the business he is still learning.

Govinda says, “I don’t want to lose this second opportunity that God has given me. I want to take my work further. There’s no alternative to hard work. Earlier, my experience was limited, and so was the learning process because I was constantly running from one set to another. I think I’ve just begun my career now. I feel I’m in Standard 1 in school. I’m feeling nervous and excited. I’m learning, understanding and I’m trying to manage in my own way.”

In the past and today, comedic roles seem to be his strong suit and Govinda plans to continue portraying those types of characters in the future, “If you’ve been associated and successful with a particular kind of acting for so many years, then it’s wise to continue in the same direction. I’ve a track record of successful comedy films spread over more than a decade. Today I’m being offered romantic comedies. My recent releases like Salaam-e-Ishq and Partner combined comedy with romance.”

Though he adds, “With one big difference. Today I can’t be taken for granted by people who want to make films with me. For too long I’ve been taken for granted. Today I insist on working only with big banners who will ensure that a film gets released properly and on time. Ravi Chopra’s Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai is one such project. Then I’ve a film with Neeraj Vora called Do Lucky with Tusshar Kapoor.”

About politics Govinda said, “I am part of the Congress and as long as I am an MP, I’ll continue to be in politics. I’m such a slow learner in politics. It’s too early to put me through a test. I’ve just begun to understand politics. I don’t want be involved with the wrong people and situations any more.”

“I want to do quality work in both cinema and politics. I want to do more work quietly,” he added.

About his plans for his film career he explains, “I made a determined effort to be disciplined about my career. I’ve changed my viewpoint. I’m less emotional and more practical now. By next year I hope to strengthen my position personally and professionally.”

Hopes for 2008? “Quality work and to conduct myself professionally. I’m expecting that the work I get will give me satisfaction,” he answered.

The actor says he is finally at good place in his life: “Yes, I can’t deny that. I’ve cleared almost all my debts. My career has also been returned to me a second time. Then there’re my political activities. After a long time I’m at peace.”

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