Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif!!

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Happy Birthday to Katrina Kaif who is 25 years old today. She will be celebrating her silver birthday in London with her mother and seven brothers and sisters. Salman Khan and her oft-times leading man Akshay Kumar are both working and so will not be present. Kat’s birthday celebrations will be followed by a long-awaited family holiday in the south of Italy.

By travelling to London for a family celebration, Kat has neatly avoided the dilemma that may have occurred following last year’s unhappy spat between Salman and Shahrukh Khan at her party. She needs to get on well with both groups of followers and so couldn’t be seen as offending any one group by not inviting them to any celebration.

Katrina has been really looking forward to the family gathering. “I can’t hope for a better birthday gift than this,” she says, “All of us together was a dream I have nurtured for a long time.” When asked how she the family would celebrate, she replies that it is of no concern to her, “When all of us are together, it doesn’t matter what we do or where we go.”

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