Himesh Reshammiya Times Three This Year!

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The singer/composer turned actor has been hard at work on not one, not two but three projects. Two of those projects are films and one the music for a big film. Not only does Himesh have the film projects Damadamm and A * Is Killed, he also has composed the soundtrack for the upcoming and highly anticipated Bodyguard. All three will see release later this year.

First up is Damadamm, which is a full on comedy dhamaal flick set to release at Diwali, Himesh says, “Though major films are slated for release in Diwali (Ra.One and Rascals), Damadamm is sure to make its mark. I am also sure that there cannot be a better period than Diwali for a feel-good comedy, if made well.” In the film Himesh plays Sameer whose life is perfect except for his over-possessive and constantly nagging girl friend. To add to it, he now has great friendship with his boss’ sister. How will he manage the two, and come out with flying colours in this test of true love, while balancing his professional life perfectly well… well we will find out on October 27th.

Known for wearing his cap, Himesh is going with a new look for the film. Talking about his look as Sameer he recently said, “One has to change with the times and I like to keep on experimenting with my looks. In this film, I’ve gone for dark, dashing stubble and teamed it with lots of trendy glasses. Honestly speaking, I look very different from my usual image and I really hope people like this new look of mine! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!”

Check out the trailer for the film!

His second release of the year will be the music for Bodyguard, which stars Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Talking about working with the star the composer told TOI, “Salman Bhai is my brother for whom I can do anything if he tells me to do so! He’s the most generous person and a true friend, and I’m happy be a part of Bodyguard!” Adding that he knows he has much to live up to with the success of Dabangg and Ready OSTs, “I know expectations will be great and I can only hope and pray that I’m able to live up to them.”

Also coming up is A* Is Killed, directed by French director Christophe Lenoir. Himesh is the only Indian actor in the film rumored to be about the death of Michael Jackson. Still in production, the film will release this Christmas!

So Himesh fan’s looks like you will be able to get your fix times three this year!

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