Hisss Villain on Hisss Script

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Hisss may depict Mallika Sherawat in the role of a sexy snake, but the villain of the film, Jeff Doucette plays a character that is bound keep you spellbound. Upon realizing this, Doucette himself realized that he had to be a part of the film immediately. “I must confess that as I was reading the script I kept yelling into the other room to my wife, ‘Wow! I get to do this and that’. It was thrilling. It’s one of the best and most fascinating characters I’ve ever played.” And while he understands that the role is a tad bit destructive and violent, he enjoyed the role of the eccentric George States. “Yes, I know I kill so many people in the film, and I do other disgusting things like torturing a snake, but as an actor it’s actually fun to play the bad guy. It’s sort of like how you play when you’re a kid. You pretend to shoot your friends and they pretend to die. You know it’s not real, but you have so much fun pretending it is,” he exclaims.

Doucette was completely ignorant to the nagin story that is more than a folktale in India. In fact, it was after he learned and studied more about the legend that he jumped on board and agreed to be a part of Hisss. “The story of Nagin was completely unknown to me, and I’m sure it’s unknown to most of the Western world. I was fascinated by the snake goddess, and her relationship to her snake lover. They were so committed to each other that they couldn’t live without each other,” he tells BollySpice. He realizes that the nagin, Mallika Sherawat, would play the lead role, but that didn’t dissuade him from being a part of Hisss. “I loved the idea that Nagin is the goddess of fertility and women’s issues. It’s such an unusual quality for a super-hero in today’s culture. I do consider Nagin a super hero in this film. She kills, but she also protects. She’s fascinating,” Doucette claims.

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