Hisss Villain Talks Bollywood!

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Hisss which stars the likes of Mallika Sherawat, Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta is all set to release and the villain of the film, Jeff Doucette, finds himself debuting in Bollywood. In the past, Doucette has been a part of a number of Hollywood films and the popular Desperate Housewives.

Upon arriving in Mumbai to shoot, the actor found himself in a new country and in a totally new film industry. “Before Hisss I knew almost nothing about Bollywood. I knew that it was the center of the Indian film industry and I knew it was centered in Mumbai and that’s about it. So when I arrived in Mumbai I was faced with total culture shock. So many people, so many cars, such crowded streets! As soon as we got settled into our hotel and started meeting some of the people things got a little more calm. Eventually I got used to the crowds, the street life, and the traffic,” he tells BollySpice exclusively.

In fact he found himself learning more about the industry through television and besides the cast, became friends with the popular singer Sonu Niggam. He went on to call him, “phenomenal, versatile and expressive.” The more he stayed in India, the more he seemed to understand Bollywood and embraced the industry full-heartedly. “I learned a lot just by watching Indian Television. So much dance and music! So much color and passion! I love the Bollywood style. It’s an exciting blend of old and new. There are new songs and dances influenced by hip hop, and old songs and dances with traditional steps.”

Talking about the country, Doucette who was initially in “shock” from the hoards of people realized he would love to come back to India, “The Indian people were so gracious. Everywhere we went we were greeted with smiles and a helping hand. We spent about five weeks in Mumbai before heading off for the rain forests of Kerala. I love India. I want to come back.”

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