Hisss Villain Talks Hollywood-Bollywood

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With Hisss only days away from release, critics and audiences are curious about a film that has been featured at most film festivals and has generated much hype. Hisss villain, Jeff Doucette, is convinced that the film will work both in India and around the world. “A good story will be accepted everywhere. But we kept saying as we were making the film that this is not your grandmother’s Nagin story. So it will be interesting to see how India reacts to this version of the story. This is Jennifer’s [Lynch] take on the ancient legend,” he explains. And while the story is essentially Indian, the execution is completely Hollywood with special effects. “Hisss is more of an American film of an Indian legend. There are a lot of special effects. It’s moodier and more dangerous. Hopefully it grips the audience as much as it gripped me while I was reading it,” Doucette claims.

With Hisss, Jeff Doucette becomes India’s first American villain in Bollywood. To him, this is a great honor. “I’m told I’m the first American villain in Bollywood. So we have a few ‘firsts’ here. I’ve joined the ranks of such greats as my friend Gulshan Grover. The villain is a respected character in India. I am truly honored to step into a proud tradition.”

In terms of reception, Jeff realizes that he cannot predict the outcome but believes that the film is worthy of watching. “I can’t predict how it will be received, but I know it’s a good story, and I hope it’s chock full of the intense passion that Jen and the rest of us felt while shooting. You can call it just a creature feature if you like, or you can call it a story of faith and redemption. It all depends on what you are expecting when you see it. It has many levels,” he signs off.

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