Hrithik not part of international project

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A couple of months back, it was reported that Vishal Bhardwaj was going to embark on an international project starring Hrithik Roshan. Now Vishal confirms that Hrithik is no longer a part of the project. What is the reason? Vishal says it’s because Hrithik’s role was not substantial enough.

There were rumors that alongside Hrithik would be Uma Thurman in this film. What is the situation with her? Vishal informs that her agents are asking for 70% of the film’s budget. Nothing is final as of yet, and all there has been were discussions, according to Vishal.

At the moment, it seems as if this international project is on hold, and Vishal is still not sure what film he will pursue next. He is still deciding on which script to go with. On a brighter note, Vishal’s keenly awaitied film, The Blue Umbrella, hits screens next Friday. From those who’ve already seen it, it is said to be just another wonderful film from the great Vishal Bhardwaj. Whatever film he does end up making next, it is sure to be one to keep an eye out for, as this director never disappoints.

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