Hrithik signs new film

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Eros International along with Carving Dreams Motion Pictures have joined forces to produce a new film. This joint production, which as of now does not have a script or a director, has had a very high profile star sign on as the lead. That star is none other than Hrithik Roshan.

“I am delighted Hrithik will be playing the lead role. That has elevated out first project together to an entirely different level,” said Kishore Lulla, Chairman & CEO, Eros International.

Bunty Bahl, who is the director of Carving Dreams Motion Pictures (a division of Carving Dreams Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.) said, “Having worked closely with Hrithik Roshan as his business mangers for over two years now, we hope to be sensitive to his creative needs and expect him to be involved in our film beyond the boundaries of an actor.”

Adding, “He signed the film without even waiting for the script or other details, all because of his close proximity with Carving! The deal is just a gesture on his behalf of expressing his attachment for us! He is extremely understanding and flexible.”

It is surprising that Hrithik signed the deal with out a script but he seems very confident about the project. “Yes, I am positively excited about this venture and am looking forward to working with two of the best in our industry. Carving Dreams Entertainment manage my business profile in terms of endorsements, appearances etc. Hence agreeing to do their debut film production project is a step towards strengthening our existing relationship. Eros International is known for their excellent film production and global distribution network, so it helps to work with the best. I am confident that this union is definitely going to be a winner.”

With the rest of the cast still to be finalized and the film set to begin shooting in April 2008, we will have to wait and watch to see how this film unfolds. We will keep you updated on all the news about this exciting new project so check back here often.

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