Hrithik Takes to the Bottle

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It seems that not all is well in Hrithik-Roshan-Land. The self-claimed teetotaler has officially hit the bottle recently after a turbulent few incidents. After Kites failed to create the hype it intended to at the recent Cannes Film Festival, followed by a rumored fallout with father Rakesh Roshan, an alleged affair with co-star Barbara Modi and apparently Sussanne Khan walking out of his house, the actor has seemed to have taken up drinking in huge quantities to help subside the pain and constant stress.

Sources informed a leading daily that Roshan Jr., even attended Karan Johar’s birthday party completely sloshed, “Hrithik even came to Karan Johar’s recent birthday bash after having a few pegs. People were talking about this at the party. Hrithik looked like he was in high spirits and later even danced on one of the tables. But, this is a recent development. He always came across as a teetotaler. Maybe now he wants to break free. It could simply be an outburst and it could happen to anybody.”

However, a well-known director defended the actor claiming that while he is definitely not a teetotaler, he has also not become an alcoholic, “Hrithik does have his share of drinks. He is not a teetotaler. He does drink at functions and parties,” he is reportedly have said.

Father Rakesh Roshan was unfettered by the rumors and calmly stated, “Hrithik is a responsible boy who knows himself very well. Even I drink, so what’s the big deal.”

The same publication also broke news of Hrithik being a regular smoker and had tracked down the paanwala who supplies cigarettes to the actor frequently.

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