Hrithik to Pen Script for Krrish 2!

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One of last year’s biggest blockbusters was Krrish, starring Hrithik Roshan as a superhero, literally a superhero ala Superman not the traditional Bollywood hero that was super. The hit movie was the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya, which also starred the hot actor, now it is being reported that for the 3rd movie entitled Krrish 2, Hrithik is going to write the script!

Papa Roshan has confirmed this exciting news, “Hrithik has always taken a keen interest in scripting and has been an intrinsic part in the making of all my films. Yes, he will write the script of Krrish 2 along with me,” Roshan said.

Adding proudly, “Whenever Hrithik is at home, and not shooting, he joins me and my team of writers and takes part in discussions on every minute aspect of my films. Although we haven’t started the scripting of Krrish 2 in a full-fledged manner yet, Hrithik has been playing an important role regarding the look of the film. He also has been discussing newer stunts that could be a part of Krrish 2. He is also quite savvy when it comes to technologies regarding the special effects in filmmaking. We have discussed the concept in detail. Now Hrithik and I have to sit together and decide the costumes, which will happen soon after we finish the script.”

Hrithik is currently finishing up his work for the film Jodha Akhbar and once he has returned home the two will begin to work on the script in earnest.

We look forward to see what new and exciting things they come up with for Krrish 2 and will hopefully be one of the first in line when it hits theaters.

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