“I am a bachelor and would like to keep this title for as long as possible” – Pravesh Rana

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You have probably seen the handsome Pravesh Rana in his modeling avatar in an ad or perhaps when he won the Mr. India contest. Maybe you saw him in his MC avatar hosting a show or even on Big Boss 3 as a participant! This model turned host, who by the way is also a trained actor, has been involved in many a project! His next gig is as host of the new dance competition on Colors titled Chak Dhoom Dhoom. The show will see kids (ages 4-15), from all over India and even the UK dancing in front of a panel of judges that includes Saroj Khan, Ahmed Khan and Big Boss winner Vindu Dara Singh. In a lively conversation with BollySpice he talked about his journey so far and of course the new show, plus so much more! Check it out!

It’s well known that you’ve got such a long and successful career in modelling so how did that happen because you’re also quite academically educated as well?

When I completed my honours in Economics I worked with IBM as a quality manager. I was very young and my friends always said I should do something in entertainment. Finally, I quit my job and started approaching modelling agencies. From their feedback I learned what I needed to work on as far as myself. I worked on it and participated in Mr. India contest and won that. After that many doors opened and I did fashion weeks as well as started hosting many shows. When it comes to live shows, people said that I was good so I took that seriously and started doing it professionally. And by God’s grace till date I have complete 450 shows as a MC/Host.

So, obviously the Mr. India title was a highlight of the journey along with the Mr. Best Body title. How was the experience of participating for both these titles?

It was great. I think Mr. Best Body and Mr. India matter equally. Had I won Mr. India and not won for Best Body I wouldn’t be too happy, but when I got both I was very happy as it was a lot of hard work. It was the happiest day of my life. Winning a Mr. India title in a country that has the second highest population in the world I think is no easy task.

Why do you think titles like Mr. India aren’t as well known as Miss India, Miss Universe, etc.? Generally it seems male pageants don’t get the same amount of recognition as the female ones.

I think a big role is played by the sponsors in the contest. Since all of the cosmetic industry and fashion industry is female dominated, the female pageants have far more sponsors than the male ones. So, when you have more sponsors there is more money for the PR of the events. Now even the guys are evolving. Men are being fashion conscious these days so I am sure things will change in the future, but having said that, we are still way behind the Miss India, Miss World and Miss Universe contests.

You were a very much talked about entrant in Big Boss. How would you sum up that experience?

It was a fabulous experience and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. When I won the Mr. India title in 2008 only fashion people knew about me, but after the show everyone knew me. The greatest platform anyone could get. People got to see me and judge my talents and according to that I get opportunities of work today. So, professionally and personally it was the best thing that has happened to me.

So, since it was all so pleasant for you would you do it again when invited?

I would do every season if I get an opportunity!

Any advice to future housemates?

Just be patient. Enjoy your stay in the house. Don’t think you’re trapped or in a prison. Enjoy your stay and learn more about yourself. Because when you go into isolation and cut off from the world, you get to analyse a lot of things about yourself, which makes you a better human being. Enjoy yourself and be patient. Also be yourself because audiences can see if you’re being fake.

Now coming to Chak Dhoom Dhoom your upcoming TV show. Because it’s a dance show, does that mean you’re a dancer yourself?

I’m a dancer only to myself (laughs). I used to dance playing Michael Jackson music in my room by closing the door. I am not a professional dancer. I am an okay dancer. Nothing in comparison to the kids on the show.

So your favourite entrant on the show you think could be the biggest competition to the rest of the kids?

They’re all neck and neck. I really don’t know how judges will eliminate anyone.

Your favourite dancer on the big screen?

I think the obvious answer would be Hrithik Roshan. He’s the best dancer by far.

Now working with kids on the show, you obviously must be very comfortable with children to come on board for a fully kids orientated show?

Yeah definitely! I love them because I myself am just a grown up kid!

As you said you have done over 450 shows, as an MC/Host. What’s the best part of performing live?

Best part would be that you get an instant reaction from the audience. If you crack a joke they’ll laugh straight away, and if you say something intense you’ll see the reaction also. To get the reaction instantly from the audience would be the best part. And it’s a different high also doing it live. Because in television you know the reaction by looking at the TRP, but in a live show you instantly get to see it.

I hear you are called a master of mimicry. Who are some of your favourite people to mimic?

My favourites in Bollywood would be Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Amrish Puri.

You mentioned men being more fashion conscious these days. What do you think is your style mantra?

I am just a jeans and t-shirt guy. White shirt, blue jeans or black shirt or blue jeans. I just feel comfortable in my jeans t-shirt or shirt or even a suit if the occasion demands it. By being simple yet wearing things that suit your personality is what I call ‘being fashionable’. Because people around you can judge by looking at you. For example if you’re an over energetic person and you wear a 3-piece formal suit, it clashes with your personality. If you’re a savvy guy and intense talker and wear something that is bright and fancy that would also clash. So, wear something that suits your personality. For me because I am so chilled out I prefer jeans and t-shirts.

Being such a talked about model and having adorned the crown of Mr. India and Mr. Best Body has surely put you in the ‘eligible bachelor’ list, so are you rightfully on the list or no longer a bachelor?

I am pretty much a bachelor and would like to keep this title for as long as possible.

So, when you do settle down what will you look for in a life partner?

Just basic stuff like beauty from the inside regardless of what she looks like. She should be a good human being. I should understand her and she should understand me. Shouldn’t be very serious about life. There is a kid in all of us and if we suppress that kid then we become too serious it becomes to difficult to cope with life. So she must be cheerful and simple.

What would you say has been the success mantra for you that you would also advice to others?

I think you should just be yourself when it comes to your work. Be honest to yourself. Be honest with the relations you build. Be honest and sincere. Do your job properly. Don’t complain about something that you’re a part of. There are always positives and negatives. When you do something do it 100% or don’t do it at all. Don’t do anything half-heartedly.

And last but not least, what’s in the future for you, any debuts on the big screen planned?

I am a trained actor and have done theatre so there are acting opportunities and some projects too, but they’re at a very premature stage so I cannot talk about them as yet. Perhaps after September I would be more candid about them. But then again, anchoring is also something that I love like modelling so I’ll keep doing it.

We wish Pravesh the best of luck and hope to see him one day on the silver screen! Chak Dhoom Dhoom starts Friday April 30th so be sure to check out the show and its talented host!

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