“I am not seeing Siddharth” – Shrutti Hassan

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The Luck debutant has somewhat disappeared post her launch film which sort of left her unnoticed, but it seems that all iz well for Shrutti Hassan despite unlucky release of Luck.

Raring to go, the actress is excelling in both the musical and acting arena having delivered a superhit soundtrack as album composer for the Southern remake of A Wednesday and now endorsing some of the biggest projects in the horizon.

The latest of her achievements is hopping onboard A R Murgadoss’s (of Ghajini fame) upcoming Tamil film opposite superstar Surya (original actor of Ghajini and soon to debut in Hindi cinema with Ram Gopal Verma’s Rakhta Charitra). Murgadoss’s film has been all the hype from the moment he announced that he’s ready to commence his next film and the cast members became the main reason for the hype. Many expected Surya and Murgadoss to reignite the magic that they created in Ghajini but it was he mystery of who the leading lady would be that kept audiences guessing till the last moment. Finally, all rumours have been set to rest and Shrutti talked rather candidly about the prestigious offer to a leading tabloid, “When I was approached for the film, I completely flipped out. Working with such a talented director and actor is a dream come true. Though we are still working things out, I’m glad to be part of this project because the script is very interesting. Oh, I’m a big fan of Surya. I think he is one of the most powerful actors we have today and I can’t wait for the film to go on the floors. Surya and I will make a great pair. Just wait and watch!” And that we’ll surely do Shrutti!

However, in the more recent future Shrutti will be gracing the screens with Siddharth for Disney’s fantasy adventure thriller that marks the launch of Disney in the Southern film fraternity. The film has been in the news for quite some time now being a genre and scale of cinema that has yet to be witnessed. “I have always been into fantasy. Be it graphic novels or movies, I did not think that anybody in India would make a film in that genre; so, when Prakash approached me with the script I jumped at the offer. I play a gypsy woman who is very chatpata and full of beans. She has great spirit and an interesting personality. Siddharth plays the hero opposite me and I’m really kicked because I have always wanted to do an animated film.”

Of course the moment the name of Siddharth came up the journalist had to jump on cue ask about this supposed relationship that is blooming between the two, and the moment the question is asked Shrutti jumps as eagerly to answer it: “Absolutely not! Yes, we hang out a lot and I think he is a wonderful person and a gifted actor. I have learnt a lot from him on many levels, but for the last time, I’m not seeing Siddharth.”

At last Shrutti gives us the confirmation we’ve been dying to hear!

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