“I will continue to try my best to deliver great entertaining films.” – Akshay Kumar

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Audiences have flocked to the theatre to see his films, have loved his performances, have clutched their seats at his stunts, sighed at his hotness, fallen in love as his characters have fallen in love, and most definitely have laughed at him (in a good way of course). We are talking about one of the best, The Akshay Kumar. This Friday, April 30th, the actor will once again make us laugh with his antics in director Sajid Khan’s Housefull. Earlier Akshay told BollySpice the story of the film, “Housefull basically centers around a very poor, unfortunate not to mention ‘Unlucky Loser’ called Aarush (Me). Who just wants to marry a sweet girl who will love him for the duffer he is, hoping she will change his luck forever!! Not such an easy thing to do especially if you are Aarush. I get caught up in an accidental love triangle mess of lies, which confuses the life out of nearly everyone in the House, that is now Full of madness created by my favourite awesome star cast, Ritesh, Arjun, Lara, Deepika, Boman, Jiah, Lilette.” We have even more from the actor in this exclusive interview as he talks Housefull, stunts, his fans and well… I’ll let you find out, so read on!

What made you say yes to Housefull?

Everything, from the director, producer, the crew, my co-stars…I had worked with most of them before – the experience was amazing as there is always a level of comfort factor between us.

Housefull is a true representation of the genius that is the director Sajid Khan – although he only did one film previous to Housefull, he has certain panache in being able to understand and deliver exactly what the audience is looking for on both a domestic and international level.

How was it, working with your co-stars on the film, like Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh, Arjun Rampal and Jiah Khan?

It was absolute Bliss ;o) The star cast of this movie is magnificent! Ritesh just cracks me up, he comes in with his huge hair in the morning and from that moment on we’re like two kids in a playground set out to cause havoc on the streets. Arjun is superb in this movie; we have some classic scenes together, just wait. The sexy Lara was divine to work with as always, such a lady, yet such a sense of humour. Deepika was a darling of course and has grown tremendously since CC2C. And Jiah, bless her, was tortured practically every day by Sajid and me, but she was a total sweetheart about it.

How does it feel to still be called one of the hottest guy in Bollywood?

Was I ever called that? If so, I’m hugely flattered!

Do you feel you should turn your attention to serious cinema now? Something more substantial?

No… I am a commercial actor, people don’t want to see me educating the world with artistic cinema, they watch me to enjoy themselves! Don’t get me wrong, I would do any script that I love, be it anything from playing a Geek to being India’s Spiderman to making the nation cry in an Epic love story. Genres aren’t my concern; it is scripts that are my concern. Remember I’m not a writer, I’m an Actor. I act what is given to me. My job is to give the people a ticket to their very own personal Disney Land for 3 hours, what more can one do!!

How has your experience been working with Farah? She’s completely enthralled by you!

Argh… I love her! She’s just about the most capable woman in India ;o) I could sit here and relay a million stories on how wonderful I think she is, as a director, as a writer, as a choreographer, as the most powerful woman in Bollywood, I’m serious, this woman makes grown men cry ;o) and I love her for it…

How was it working with Sajid Khan again?

It was like getting your eyebrows plucked by a blind handicap, it was “Insane”. The man is mad, but I’m addicted to him, he’s so enthusiastic about his films that you get sucked into his world of movie making, and I think he’s just brilliant for Hindi cinema. He lives to make people laugh, and if you don’t find him funny you’re in serious need of anti depressants, no joke. The man could crack jokes at your granny’s funeral and still be loved for it… He’s one of a kind, and we love him for it. He’s the most honest person you’ll ever meet, which can be painful, but I think he’s truly wicked in all sense of the word…

Also, it has been observed that for most of your upcoming films, you are also the co-producer. How does the entire business model work?

My structure is, I ask for nothing. If my movie is a flop I still get nothing, but if my movie works I get a lot. It is a very risky choice to make, but one I am willing to take. I don’t like to see my producers suffer if my work fails. Everyone deserves to win at the end of a film. Only cast and crew, producers and filmmakers really know what goes in to making a movie, hence my decision to take responsibility for how my movie does…

Do you get scared doing stunts?

Excited, thrilled, adventurous, challenge, motivation… these are the words that come to my mind when I am about to do a stunt. I guess I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. It’s my love, my job… I do my own stunts because my producer and my audience are paying to see me, not someone that looks like me that can do my dirty work for me… never make another man do what you are too scared to do yourself, for he is someone’s son also and has a family that loves him

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