“I would want to steal my audience’s hearts!” – Vivek Oberoi

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Being a star son or daughter must have its advantages. However, it would be right to say that the expectations must outweigh the positives. Heartthrob Vivek Oberoi, son of renowned actor Suresh Oberoi, has had a significant fan-following since his debut in Company in 2002. Although the much-loved actor has not seen success quite in the same way as the likes of other star-sons in the Bollywood film fraternity, the audience reaction to his most recent offering, Prince, has put a permanent smile on his face. Vivek talks to BollySpice about the film, its leading ladies and more…

Bollywood’s “Shahenshah” is Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan is known as the “Baadshah”. Who is Bollywood’s Prince?

(Laughs) It will take a lot of effort to take the title of “Prince of Bollywood”. I have to prove that I am worthy of the title. There’s a big difference between believing in something and actually making it happen. I have many critics and non-believers but I’m here because of those who do believe in me and I want to be able to live up to the faith people have put in me.

How did you feel about Prince as a final product?

I was very nervous! I have put in a lot of effort for this film – I did 5 months worth of training. If I hadn’t had that training then the stunts in the film would have proved too dangerous for me to do. I couldn’t wear a helmet or safety gear on my head. We have shot an action sequence on the edge of a cliff and although there were safety cables, the pre-training ensured that I was able to execute that shot and others perfectly. It was amazing to have specialists from all over the world come together for this film.

What made you sign a film like Prince as your comeback, so to speak?

In my career, I’ve had a number of comeback films. I’ve also had go-back films and never-comeback films (laughs) but I don’t believe in this concept. Actors keep doing their films and sometimes they do down well but other times they just don’t click. When you sign a film, you always think its formula will work. The whole idea of Prince was to create the kind of perspective that people hadn’t seen before. Here’s a man who is a professional thief and can steal anything… if you steal his memory, what happens?

What was it like romancing not one, not two but THREE ladies?

I’m a single guy so it was great! They are really good actresses and we have a lot of fun off the sets. We shot in Durban, South Africa, and it’s a great place to party and we took advantage of that as much as we could. Aruna (Shields) and I did a lot of action in the film and it was a fun experience. It was very nice shooting with Aruna, Nandana and Neeru.

Rumour has it that you’ve found your princess…?

Oh I’ve found 3 princesses in Prince! Films sometimes get a boost with controversies but they can stop a film from selling. I think I will have to get married to escape these controversies. When I meet the right girl then I will get married. This Prince’s princess will come in his life all by herself.

How do you feel about the audience’s reaction to Prince and the controversies?

I personally feel that the audience is very smart. If they think the promo of a film is good, then they will definitely go to watch a film – no matter what kind of news surrounds it.

While promoting Prince, it’s so nice to meet fans face-to-face. Even on Twitter, my fans have started calling me “Prince” and it feels nice. An actor feels good when he is known by his work, by his character. When you meet fans in person and, it’s a different feeling altogether when they tell you they love you. It makes me feel like I have their support.

Finally, if you, like your character, could steal anything… what would it be?

I would want to steal my audience’s hearts!!

Wow, this Prince has set his sights very high. We wish Vivek all the very best for Prince and look forward to his forthcoming film Rakta Charitra.

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