Iconic Scenes of Bollywood: Take 3!

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Hindi films are iconic for several reasons: the music, dances, stars, stories, directors and of course, the dialogues. But what happens when you find yourself ogling nonstop over scenes that have you thinking for days? You find yourself making a list of your favorite iconic scenes in Bollywood. And guess what – tadda! We bring to you yet another installment of our favorite scenes, past and present, which we believe are iconic for various reasons! Naturally, these are 20 of a million, but whose counting… right?

Movie: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The one where he signs I love you: If you look up Bollywood in a dictionary it should show up under romance because nobody does it better than they do. Picture our hero, Shah Rukh, has finally figured out that he loves her and he comes to tell her. While looking for his daughter Anjali, he instead finds Kajol, also Anjali, minutes before her wedding to Salman. She is looking out at the stars on the balcony. They stare, she tears up (we do too), and then he takes her hand and points to himself (I), places her hand on his heart (love), points her hand to her heart (you). No words are spoken, but this is one of the most romantic scenes ever created on film…do they end up happys endings, well you will have to wait until another installment to find out!

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