Ileana is not deserting Tollywood

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After the success of Jalsa, many people were expecting Ileana to concentrate on developing a career in Bollywood but she is not going to desert her Tollywood fans. Recently, she has signed up for three new Telugu movies.

Mumbai-born Ileana lives in Goa and made her debut in Devadasu co-starring Ram. Her big breakthrough, however, came in her next film, the immensely successful Pokiri alongside Mahesh Babu.

How does Ileana feel about the success coming her way? “I’m just happy that I’m doing well,” she says. “It is very intoxicating for a brief moment, then I am back to normal and my daily work. It’s normal in this industry that you get a few hit films and people begin to put you on a pedestal. The onus is on you not to get too carried away.”

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