Imran and Avantika engaged to be engaged

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Last week there were rumors flying all about that Imran Khan had popped the question to his long time lady love Avantika. Well, now Imran himself has confirmed the news in his weekly column in the Hindustani Times. But he clarified that he is only engaged to be engaged…

“First, I got engaged. Well, actually I got engaged to get engaged. We haven’t done the ceremony, and I haven’t got a ring yet, but you know. I’ve managed to confirm that she likes me and is amenable to the idea of getting married to me. Took seven years to verify that but time well spent!” he wrote.

The column also talked about a new charity that Imran now supports the Gaia Conservation Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization that is working to combat climate change. Their first project is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and their mission is: “To get every man, woman and child to plant a tree.” Imran wrote, “I grew up in South India, and went to a boarding school in a densely jungled area. As a result I spent a lot of time climbing trees, a little time falling out of them, and all the time surrounded by wildlife. Not quite the same environment as Bombay. This city has very few green pockets left, and the few trees remaining are either falling down in the monsoon, or being cut down for no good reason.” The foundation is organizing a concert to raise funds to support the reforestation of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The concert is this Friday, the 11th at Blue Frog and performing are the bands Something Relevant and Jalebee Cartel. If you live in Bombay you should check it out!

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