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Much to the delight of fans the new star of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Imran Khan, took part in a chat today on the Buzz18 website. Though the technology was not up to the fans enthusiasm it was a great experience for all who were there. The chat started a little before 3 pm IST and lasted for over 2.5 hours. With almost every question that was asked, the fans also raved about his performance in Jaane tu and Imran’s answers were all intelligent, sweet, funny and really well done. Here are some highlights from the chat:

Imran started out saying: “Hi everyone, thanks for being here. Thought I’d get started a bit early, since there’s already so many of you here. Big welcome to all memebers. You guys were supporting me long before anyone else, and for that you’ll always hold a special place in my heart. So, lets get started.”

The first question asked him to tell a little about his role in Kidnap and he answered: “In Kidnap I play a fairly troubled, angsty and violent character. I think it’s very interesting, hope you guys will think so too!”

Unfortunately then the technical difficulties set in and it was quite awhile until the next question and answer was posted. In that post Imran was asked “what the hell he was doing in Bollywood movies” and he answered: “As to what the hell am doing in Bollywood I am hoping to be part of the new lot of people who’ll take Indian cinema forward. It’s really easy to condemn but its not to easy to stand up and do something about it.

Again there was quite awhile between posts, but in the next post Imran wrote that he would be staying an extra hour to make up for the technical problems.

There were fans from all over the globe and one fan from Peru asked if he knew that he had fans from all over and also if he ever would like to work with Kareena in the future. Imran wrote: “I was aware that I had some international fans but Peru is new to me. Thank you so much for your kind words. I would certainly love to work with Kareena but no one’s offered me a film with her yet.”

Imran thrilled one fan after she asked if he would ever sing in a film for real by saying: “I would love to sing for a movie, always wanted to. And when I do I will remember you asked me first.”

One member at the chat was not all compliments and wrote that he felt Imran needed to hone his acting skills. To this Imran replied: “Yes You are right. I do feel that my performance was very raw. Honestly I cringe whenever I watch the film but I’m not going to give up. I’m going to work harder and get better. And perhaps one day I’ll make a fan out of you.” When a question along the same lines was posted he answered: “I wish I had trained more. I would have been a lot happier with my work. However some of the rawness seems to have worked in favour of the character. And ultimately if it suits the film nothing else matters.”

He was asked about his fitness funda and he replied that he is currently having to do weight training for his next film and added, “But if I were not an actor I would have found a more interesting way to stay fit probably like Martial Arts.”

One fan wanted to know if he was comfortable shooting with his girlfriend Avantika on the set and he answered that it did not bother him, “Avantika is an important part of my life…I want my near n dear ones. Actors have feeling too.”

So what was the first shot of Jaane Tu and was he nervous?, one fan asked. Imran revealed: “The first was with Jai and Meghna walking in the park. Scene was ultimately cut from the film but you will probably find it on the DVD. I was not at all nervous.”

Along those same lines another fan wanted to know his favorite scene in the movie. “I like the scene where Jay and Aditi are talking and Aditi tells Jay that she’s going to New York and Jay sees the bruise on Aditi’s face.”

Of course the question was put to him that if he was not from a filmi family would he be here today? Imran answered: “When you come from a film family you certainly get opportunities that some of the people might not get. SO the initial curiosity the audience has is much higher. However for a film and for an actor to sustain, beyond the first weekend is dependent entirely on that film and that actor.”

Sadly Imran revealed that he would NOT be a part of Delhi Belly saying: “Delhi Belly is a great script. Its a caper comedy. But I don’t think that I’ll be able to be a part of it. As there are date hassles with Luck.”

When asked to describe himself Imran responded with this: “I don’t think I can describe myself. I would need to write a 15-page essay. (After all, I’m Aamir’s nephew.)”

Finally after over 2.5 hours it was time for Imran to go and his final post was: “Ok guys I am really sorry I have to leave now (meeting with important producer). I’m really sorry about all the hassles that happened. I know that staying an extra hour doesn’t quite make up for it. So, I’ll be responding to a lot of the questions you’ve already send in via email. And they will be posted on this site. Once again thank you all for being here. There is honestly nothing I enjoy more than interacting with my audience. Hope to do a lot more of this in the future. Lots of love, Imran.”

It certainly was a treat for fans, even the ones who stayed up way to late or got up way to early, to chat with Imran. We look forward to reading the rest of the questions and answers that did not make it into the chat window and will give a full report about that soon so check back at BollySpice often.

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