Introducing Ivy York With Launch of Debut Single and Album

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Worlds collide, exploding into an almost unbelievable stunning fusion of musical genres, as Ivy York releases her debut album on Rough Trade Records, ‘The Call Of Spring’, on 5 April, preceded by the delightful single, ‘The More I Have’, on 29 March. Merging vintage-country & western, with Brit-pop and retro Bollywood, injected with a decent dose of indie, Ivy York, in partnership with producer/musician, Rav Panesar, introduces the most delicious sound cocktail that you’re ever likely to encounter.

With a voice that’s strongly reminiscent of the almighty, Dolly Parton, Australian born Ivy York is a singer/song-writing talent who’s set to make an incredible dent on the UK music scene. In a fun sing-along to a Bollywood movie, Ivy and Rav, struck on a unique sound that blew them away. There is no pigeon-hole genre for the music that this duo have wonderfully produced, it’s just intoxicatingly fantastic to listen to.

Their debut album, ‘The Call Of Spring’, is a collection of original pennings and three carefully chosen covers. Adding a sprinkle of silver screen glamour, ‘My Happiness’, ‘Island Song’ and ‘The Call of Spring’, are all taken and adapted from black and white Bollywood movies. The latter of this trilogy being the title track from the album and already sparking media interest as it was played in 2009 by Steve Lamaq on BBC Radio 2 and selected on the F&M Guardian playlist by Caroline Sullivan.

Other tracks on the album, such as, ‘Aeroplane’, ‘Cowboy’ and ‘House on the Hill’ are all written by Ivy. Working with a six-piece band and traversing continents (London, Mumbai and Nashville), Ivy and Rav have injected their indie flavour with spectacular energy and vibrance; plus a new range of instruments including the pedal steel guitar by legendary player BJ Cole (REM, The Verve and Bjork) which has successfully captured the most gripping sound of the year.

Ivy chose her favourite track from the album for her debut single launch. ‘The More I Have’, showcases Ivy’s piercing crystalline vocals, gorgeously enveloped with a unique Australian country twang that adds superb texture and tone to a voice, which can only be describe as divine. Written by Ivy on the auto-harp, this track is a catchy, up beat tune for all seasons.

The sound of Ivy York is spankingly fresh, a delightful breath of air that breathes a unique ear-opening sound into a new decade of musical experiences. Expect the delightfully unexpected!

Album ‘The Call Of Spring’ released on Rough Trade Records on 5 April.

Single, ‘The More I Have’, released on Rough Trade Records on 29 March.

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