Is Krazzy 4 a copy?

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Recently Krazzy 4 has been in the news quite a bit not only because of its release but also with the controversy surrounding the music for the film. But is it the music that is the only thing that may be copied?

First to the music; a young composer Ram Sampath claimed and even went to court saying that Rajesh Roshan composer of the soundtrack for Krazzy 4 sampled his music from the Song Ericsson Thump ads in the songs Break Free and Krazzy 4.

Rakesh Roshan explains, “I had liked the music piece of the ad I saw on TV in which Hrithik is performing as a brand ambassador for Sony Ericsson. For the purpose of using some portion of the said music I requested Sony Ericsson and in response I was granted permission of Sony Ericsson by the letter dated 13 December, 2007. Consequently in good faith and relying on authorization of Sony Ericsson I recorded with the required modification retaining only four bars of the THUMP track. I was surprised and shocked on 24 March, 2008 to receive a notice from the solicitors of Ram Sampat containing allegations of infringement of his work. I contacted Sony Ericsson and was told that they issued the letter by mistake and in fact they didn’t have the rights. “Before I could think of any solution, Mr Sampat filed a suit in Bombay High Court framing all wild and frivolous allegations of infringing his copyright of said music piece of Thump. It was really a shocking development because instead of approaching me to know the facts he straight away went to court.”

He went on to say, “It is interesting to note that the Krazzy 4 music was launched in February 2008 and the promos containing the alleged infringed work was released on TV on all channels in the end of February 2008. All these days Ram Sampat chose to wait and instituted the suit in the high court just a few days before the release of the film. This was a well-planned scheme for making money. Having all the proof in my hand to defend, I was helpless for want of time.”

He and Sampat have now settled out of court for Rs 20 million.

On the other side, the website passion for cinema, along with us, have come across a movie that distinctly reminds us of the premise of Krazzy 4 and that is a Hollywood movie, Dream Team. Made in 1989 it is comedy that starred Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, Stephen Furst and James Remar. A look at the poster and more particularly the synopsis, which is that 4 delusional patients out on a trip with their psychiatrist, end up having to save their doctor, makes us wonder if Krazzy 4 is indeed an original story. Or is it just another film that was “inspired” by a Hollywood film?

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