Is Rani calling shots at Yash Raj?

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News of Rani’s involvement with producer Aditya Chopra has been around for quite some time now. However, lately there seems to be a buzz in the industry that Rani and Aditya’s relationship has now shifted to a professional level too. It seems that many believe Rani is the secret head honcho of the leading production house.

The rumours of Rani calling the shots at Yash Raj started some time back however they have come back into the limelight courtesy of Band Baaja Baaraat debutant, Ranveer Singh. It seems that while shooting for Koffee with Karan, the actor might have let slip that Rani’s one of the big bosses at YRF by referring to her as “MD”. Anushka came to the rescue of the debutant and said that he was referring to Kareena.

Very little is known about this slip on the sets of KWK, as one imagines it would have been covered up quite efficiently by Karan Johar, one of Rani’s and Aditya’s closest friends. Even so, speculations are rife as to the possibility of Rani calling shots at YRF.

One remembers the very definite closeness Rani shared with the BBB team at all the recent award shows and in particular the fact that although she was not seen in the audience, she’d especially come in to hand over award to Ranveer and Maneesh (director) many times. Could it be because she was actively involved in BBB as one of the head honcos of YRF? This definitely has to be one of the biggest controversies to have hit B-Town in a long time.

What we do know is, secret head honcho or not, YRF seems to have been given a new life post Band Baaja Baaraat. Whether this is because of this secret MD, is another story all together. Whatever it may be, we truly wish the production house continues to do it because its about time the iconic house of Yash Raj rose up and delivered some good entertainment. The rest of 2011 will tell if YRF indeed does have a secret weapon hiding somewhere and if this secret weapon can help the production house live up to its name once again.

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