Isha’s Martial Act!

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Isha Koppikar is definitely a woman to watch out for. Everyone knows that the sassy actress holds a black belt in karate, and knows some lethal moves to go with the tag. However for her upcoming South Indian movie, the actress has gone on ahead and learnt even Hapkido.

Trained with specialized trainers and utmost diligence, Isha has almost mastered all the tricks in the fast action wrestle, for a certain action sequence the filmmakers had in mind. The girl has mastered the moves so well, that when it actually came to doing the action sequence Isha performed it perfectly. Seeing the precision with which Isha moved and maneuvered herself, the director of the film was so impressed that what was to be a small portion, turned out to be a full length sequence simply cause of her accuracy.

All we got to say is, watch out for this lady, she sure won’t suffer fools given her knowledge of teakwando!

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