“It is not only a money issue, it is more about what is right and what is wrong” Sonu Niigaam

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BollySpice journalist Charla Manohar got together with musical sensation Sonu Niigaam before his concert in Rotterdam. In the first part of the interview, the singer talked about the copyright issues that have recently been raised in Bollywood. Writers, composers and lyricists want to make amendments to the current copyright act of 1957. According to this act, they do not get any royalties for their songs for the years to come. While producers and music companies are making money, these talented and integral parts of the music produced in Bollywood have to fight for their rights to this money. India is the only country that doesn’t honour them; everywhere else in the world, all the parties behind a musical piece get royalties for their contribution.

Sonu explained that he met with Aamir Khan last week before his trip to Holland to talk about this issue extensively. Aamir recently said that actors are the ones who are the real stars and they are the ones who make the songs hits, irrespective of good lyrics or tunes. Sonu didn’t like the comment and decided to talk to him about the issue. “Aamir is a good friend of mine and I love him very much, that is why I went to talk to him.”

In our interview with Sonu he said it is an old tradition in our country that one guy sings and the “star” lip-syncs. This doesn’t happen in any other country. Sonu added that he told Aamir that if he feels this way, he should stop using songs in his films. “Every film is promoted by using the songs. Aamir wanted to understand but he doesn’t know that in the whole world, there isn’t one country that has the same policy that is being used in India. Music industries are a separate business.”

According to Sonu, Indian films shouldn’t have songs. Because of the Hindi film songs, the private music industry isn’t doing well. “There is no independent music industry in our country because of film music. Film music has killed ghazals, has killed classical, has killed any other kind of pop music or bhangra music or whatever.”

Sonu is fighting for these copyright amendments being made. “Actors and producers of course have their own reasons for not letting this happen, because when the amendments are made they are going to lose a lot of money. But it is not only a money issue, it is more about what is right and what is wrong.” He added that many people are involved in making one song. There are singers, actors, composers and lyricists, but sometimes the credit only goes to the actor. “Also most of the money earned by sales of the audio CD goes to the music company. In our country the credit mostly doesn’t go to the musicians, but to actors, producers and directors.

He said that in the whole world there is this rule, that composers and lyricists get royalties of the songs they compose and write. “Only in India this doesn’t happen.” He spoke about the wife of composer Khemchand Prakash. “She has died while begging in front of a radio station, because they didn’t get any royalties. That is why we want everyone to get royalties. So that we don’t have to worry about our old age, because we will be ensured of an income.”

Aamir, are you listening?

Check out the video of Sonu talking about this issue!

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