It’s Final: Priyanka Not in Dostana 2!

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Will she, won’t she. That’s the question everybody’s being wondering about as to whether Priyanka Chopra will be a part of Dostana 2 or not. Well, we finally have it from the horse’s mouth… Piggy Chops is not going to star in Dostana 2.

There were recent reports that during an ad film shoot, Priyanka was trying real hard to convince director Tarun Mansukhani to let her be a part of the sequel. And although Tarun knew that it wasn’t possible, he gave her a non committed smile (it wouldn’t have looked good to say a direct no). Apparently, Chopra misconstrued the smile for an affirmation and claimed that she would be doing Dostana 2 as well.

Seems that it was a false report after all what with Priyanka herself clarifying on Twitter that this never took place. “I was never doing dostana two..hello..reason bein my love story ends in the first where is the question. this was cleared some 2 years ago,” she stated. As is often seen in sequels, the female lead of the first part almost always makes a small appearance in the sequel. So will Priyanka, who was a part of Dostana, do a cameo in the second part as well? “When it comes to a special appearance or something thats a much later call. once and for all,” she added clearly angry at all the false media reports.

Pretty irritated with all the rumors relating this, she asked the journalists to stop writing nonsense and stick to news that had truth. Tarun joked saying,”You are bursting my bubble!!” However he did clarify to a fan later tweeting , “They’re called rumors for a reason!! Am working on the script!! Yes… Still!!!! :)”

Guess that finally closes this topic for the gossipmongers once and for all!

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