Jaane Tu… & Abbas Tyrewala – A Destiny

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With the release of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na hot on our heels, all those who are part of the project have been talking about it right, left and centre. Abbas Tyrewala, the man behind Main Hoon Na, Munnabhai, Maqbool, Darna Man Hai, Salaam Namaste and Welcome talks about Jaane Tu and his take on it.

3 years in the making

Jaane Tu was reportedly 3 years in the making however, Abbas was quick to point out: “Yes, direction took three years but I started writing two years before that. So actually it’s a five year journey.” The late Jhamu Sugand, originally produced the film but he later backed out for his own reasons. As a result Abbas, who states that he has a short attention span, was losing faith and interest in the film. Only two people believed in the film: Imran Khan, who despite intending to be director was inspired by the script to act, and Abbas’ then-girlfriend-and-now-wife Pakhi, who told him to hold on because the film “would get made”.

No longer a director…

In his director’s note, Abbas wrote that the film “no longer needed a director” and upon being asked to clarify the statement, he says, “When I’m watching it, it’s almost like I’m watching somebody else’s film. So what I was referring to was a very very personal sentiment of the way I felt for the film which took three years in the making. Everytime I see it, I don’t remember the time that I planned a particular shot. It’s just a blur. But there is never a point where you’d stop caring about your film.”

Despite this, Abbas hasn’t been heavily active in the promotion and only gave the ‘all clear’ for the post-production team, four days ago. That is not to say that he dismisses PR or market values of Aamir’s attachment but feels that, “You can get away with the promo but for two and a half hours, you can’t tell a lie. Everything that goes into creating excitement about the film is only valid till Friday. Whether it’s an Aamir Khan Production film, whether it is a hit music or any kind of publicity we do, all of it lasts just for a day. Success comes much later.”


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