Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na “a memorable film”- Mansoor Khan

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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na not only has Imran Khan as the star of the film, it also boasts Aamir Khan, as well as Mansoor Khan as producers. Mansoor was brought out of retirement to work on the film because Aamir was busy working on TZP. Recently Khan wrote a producers note sharing his experiences working on Janne Tu… and here are some highlights.

He began with getting the call to come help with the film: “Every now and then something happens that – for better or worse – shifts your life to a track that you were least prepared for. Here I was in the idyllic town of Coonoor, in the hills, preparing myself for global warming, Peak Oil and other catastrophes when suddenly I get a call from Aamir telling me I have to take the next flight to Bombay, if Jaane Tu… was to be shot anytime within a year. It was that simple- a call from the family that could not be ignored, as Jaane Tu…was also long over-due to launch my nephew Imran Khan.”

“The next day I was sitting in A.K. productions’ office in Bombay, meeting a team of bright-eyed youngsters who were introduced to me as Abbas, the writer and director, Manoj, the cinematographer, Shaan, the editor, and Raghav, the associate director. I tried to look as confident as possible and the journey started.”

The work began and he wrote he felt like he was staring all over again. “I must admit I felt like I was starting from scratch. So many things had changed in filmmaking that I could have easily surrendered. But a few things kept me going. First, Abbas had written a tight, inspired script-the real starting point before any producer should think of pouring money and effort into shooting it.”

He added, “Jaane Tu… was a revitalizing experience for me-to brush-up on old skills and learn new rules. I first countered, then, gradually absorbed Abbas’s unique way of instructing his actors and playing out the scene for the camera. Though it seemed to break some rules in my head, they brought amazing results. So what if he does not like to make shot breakdowns!”

He also listed 3 other reasons that kept him going, “Second, it was the perfect launch for my nephew, Imran, who Abbas saw in the lead role from the first time he saw him. Third, the music by AR Rahman was fabulous and one of his best in Hindi films. And last but not the least-Aamir’s confidence in me to take over as producer.”

About Imran he wrote, “On the actor’s front, Imran was one I was most concerned about- After all, this was his launch film. It kind of reminded me of how I felt about Aamir during earlier shoots of QSQT. But Imran put me at ease soon. He showed remarkable inner confidence with a sharp learning curve while evolving his own pitch of rendering a scene in an original and effective manner.”

Genelia D’Souza also stars in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and he said, “Genelia was dynamite the movement [sic] the camera rolled- plain watchable, no matter what she did or wore.”

He said he enjoyed working with the entire team of JTYJN and learned something from each one of them.

In closing he wrote, “And now the film is done and it is time to write a producer’s note. Well let me tell you, the defining moment of a film is the final cut. And having watched that I am glad I was pulled out of the hills to associate with a young film team that has effectively translated a wonderful script into a memorable film.”

Be sure to see Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na when it comes to theaters on July 4th, we know we will be there!

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