Jab We Met Again

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Now that Imitaz Ali is all done and dusted with Love Aaj Kal and keenly awaiting its release. And of course after the great success of Jab We Met, a sequel seems like the best route to take. “It’s an idea, yes. What happens to the two characters Geet and Aditya after they’ve met and gone through all those adventures. What happens to them after the story ends in Jab We Met? I’m asked that question so often that even I’ve started wondering about the future of Geet’s relationship with Aditya after we left them,” claims the director. Ali also goes on to explain that an idea is already forming in his mind and he honestly believes that the marriage between Geet and Aditya would probably not last, “They’re two such strong-headed individuals, there’s bound to be friction. Maybe Geet will go back to Anshuman. There’s certainly an element of curiosity for me about where these characters go.”

And the director is sure that ex-lovers Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur would be more than thrilled to replay their respective parts. He takes a quick laugh at the fact that Shammi Kapoor’s son, Aditya Kapoor is currently working on a script named “While We Slept,” “Really? I’d like to see that one,” he laughs.

With Jab We Met still relatively fresh and still immensely popular in the minds of the audiences, it would make sense to make the film effectively immediately, “I loved traveling with Geet and Aditya. We traveled by trains to the remotest corners of India.”

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