John Abraham turns book seller for Saregama India Ltd- Jhootha Hi Sahi

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In the hot Saturday afternoon, where every one were spending time with their families, the cast of the film Jhootha Hi Sahi – a feature film produced by Saregama India Ltd were selling inspirational books at a suburban book store ‘Granth’. They also paid tribute to the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi as it was his birth anniversary, by supporting the book – An Autobiography of Gandhiji.

John Abraham, Abbas Tyrewala, Raghu Ram, and Omar were present at the venue to interact and have fun with The Granth’s customers and share their reading habits. With support of Saregama India Ltd. the team of the movie got an opportunity to pay tribute to Gandhiji. Apparently John and his friends (Raghu and Omar) own a book shop in the movie , so they wanted to try their hand at selling books for real.

At the venue, each of the artists enjoyed selling books thoroughly and managed to prove their skills to sell books. John personally liked a book bought by a customer which was titled “why men lie and why women cry” after selling this book to the girl he said, “If asked to read a book I would definitely love to read the book bought by the girl as the title is related to the movie concept and also the most famous song “cry, cry, kitna cry karte hain kaikoo“. The girl who received the book was most excited and blushed while going.

Saregama and the cast of Jhootha Hi Sahi made the atmosphere very interactive and friendly to relate with the common people present at the venue. When asked the cast on their reading habits, John honestly replied he isn’t a book lover, but as his character revolves around books, Abbas Tyrewala made him read lots of books. The team also shared few fun moments they experienced during the making of the film.

Talking about the Gandhiji book John said, “The book talks about the strongest historical and fearless man who has motivated the world to speak the truth and be fearless, has also inspired the team of the movie. Though the movie revolves around lie and more lies, it portrays the side effects of telling lie.”

The event ended on a good note where John, Raghu and Omar sang their favourite song from the film, ‘Cry Cry kitna cry karte hain kaikoo, itna marte hain kaikoo……….’ with this the cast bid goodbye to the fans present out there!!!!

Check out these shots from the event!

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