John Gifts Lights to Bips

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John Abraham is every girl’s dream-boy and he proved it even more with his latest stunt for girlfriend Bipasha Basu. The actress’s new home was under construction for a long time and now is finally complete. To add the final finishing touches, John went ahead and ordered all her favorite chandeliers she desired from Europe. A thrilled Bipasha went on to gush, “John bought all the chandeliers and beautiful light fixtures that I had liked from all over the world and put them up all over my apartment. He had planned all this with my interior designer Ahsan and made the payments before he left for London.” And this was all done without her knowledge.

She feels on top of the world after John’s sweet gesture as he knew she had taken time to decide on every single detail of the house. She had sifted through numerous catalogs and videos before deciding on every item, “John knew how much effort and time I had spent in choosing each and every item in my home after six months of research after going through many catalogs and videos from all over. All my chandeliers and light fixtures are from Italy and Spain, there’s even one in the bathroom. It was amazing to see all the chandeliers lit up!”

Bipasha is headed to London to spend time with her boyfriend who is currently shooting for 1-800-Love-Story before she leaves for the U.S. for a Bollywood Meet And Greet show with Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif.

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