Kajol giving Karan Johar a hard time

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We can almost imagine Karan Johar shaking his head wondering why he ever took the pains to convince actress and buddy Kajol to sign his upcoming venture My Name is Khan. As a quick reminder, Kajol was hesitant to partake in K-Jo’s new movie as it meant she would spend too much time away from young daughter Nysa. However, after much persuasion, Kajol succumbed to her friends wish and took on the role.

A few weeks ago, we reported that Kajol was apparently unhappy with the length of her role in the film and after some nudging from mother Tanuja, spoke to Johar about increasing her length as well as adding more dialogue. If that wasn’t enough Kajol refused to go to Los Angeles as her daughter had visa problems. Once again Karan had the daunting task of convincing Kajol to leave sans daughter as the shooting schedule would be disrupted. Kajol reluctantly agreed and was later joined by Nysa and sister Tanisha.

Schedule two is now underway and once again, Karan Johar finds himself beating his head against a wall. This time Kajol insists on taking an entire entourage with her to Los Angeles which includes herself, daughter Nysa, sister Tanisha, mother Tanuja, her hairstylist and fashion designer. And that is not even the last of her demands. Kajol is also insisting that Karan write a role for veteran actress Tanuja into the script.

Uh oh! We do hope K-Jo finally manages to please best friend Kajol with all her demands. In the meantime, to calm the nerves, Koffee for Karan?

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