Kangana and Katrina: St(AIR)y Tantrums!

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Bollywood heroines are nowadays, a lot more conscious about their appearances especially in public. With most of them traveling almost all the time, it is most likely that you will bump into one at the airport or on miles above the sky, in a plane. A lucky traveler managed to travel in a plane with Katrina Kaif and was a bit surprised at her attitude towards the airplane staff. Apparently, the actress who was evidently pooped from all the Tees Maar Khan promotions was passed out cold on her seat. When an airhostess approached her to let her know they were about to take off and thus, her seat belt and seat needed to be adjusted, the actress was too deep asleep to hear her. It was then that he airhostess, tapped her on the shoulder awaking her from her sleep to which the actress apparently reacted and said, “She told her, ‘How dare you touch me?
Don’t you know who I am?'” Garnering attention from passengers around her, the airhostess apologized as Kat went back to her deep slumber. The actress remained unavailable for comment but a source close to her rubbished the incident. “People are making up these stupid stories! Katrina may have fallen asleep as she was traveling to different cities in a few days so she was exhausted. But she would never fight with someone for having touched her.”

Kangana Ranaut is said to be one actress who never travels alone. However, while she travels in First Class, the rest of her entourage is seated in Economy Class. A source claims that the actress refuses to talk to anyone on the airline and thus, lets them to know that they should speak to her assistant who is seated in Economy Class instead. People have reported frantic airhostesses running between both classes as they satisfy the actress without disturbing her. Naturally, the actress’s spokesperson flat out denied any such occurrences. “It’s not true. Kangna travels with her spot boy Saleem, and sometimes her manager Saneha and make-up person and hairdresser. But the spot boy doesn’t know what she eats. Kangna is not fussy and always eats what is served to her on flight,” they claim.

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