Kangana Goes British!

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Debutant director Abhinay Deo, who’s two projects Delhi Belhy and Crooked are still under production, yet again makes the news for one of his films and this time it’s Crooked. Crooked of course has already made headlines for its juggling of leading ladies. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan declined the role which was then taken up by Soniya Jehan and now has finally landed in Kangana Ranaut’s lap, and the actress is indeed in for a challenge!

Kangana’s role is said to be of a UK based undercover cop which means adorning a perfect British accent. The Gangster debutant has been given just about a week to pick up this renowned accent and apparently Abhinay Deo isn’t the best mentor as he’s leaving it all to her to do on her own. No Hindi film has involved such a character so referring to another Bollywood actresses work for inspiration and ideas is out of the question.

One may remember that Kangana was earlier brought into the limelight for her Manchali accent, so one has to wonder how this challenge will play out. As of now the actress is denying to the media about the heroine changes in Crooked and claims that she was the original choice. She refuses to disclose much information but assures that role will showcase her in totally new avatar! We surely cannot wait!

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