Kangana Ranaut Goes Retro for Filmfare

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Looking absolutely electric in her latest photoshoot for Filmfare, Kangana Ranaut has adopted a short-cropped innocent pixie look for the magazine’s latest edition. The Bhambla-born actress has just finished work on Ek Niranjan and can now focus her attention on the promotion for Kites with Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. It now looks as though the long-delayed movie will be released for Republic week on Jan 22nd.

Meanwhile Ek Niranjan, in which Kangana stars opposite Prabhas, will be released on Oct 20th and represents one of Tollywood’s most expensive movies ever made. “The sets were erected on eight acres of land,” says producer Aditya Ram, “They comprise over 80 streets, a clock tower, huge temples and a gambling den. It took over three months for us to get the sets ready. Several production houses have approached me to shoot their own films on the same set. We also shot scenes in Bangkok and Pattaya. Stuntmen from Europe were utilised for the climax.”

Already having a bagful of great movies lined up for next year including Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, Kangana looks as though she’s also signed up for RGV’s latest gangsterland flick on Andhara-based politician Parithala Ravi. With RGV at the helm, this should prove to be a gripping, realistic tale of the factional and violent political world of Andhara Pradesh. Kangana will star opposite Vivek Oberoi in the Hindi version.

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