Kangana Ranaut’s Roman Holiday

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Audrey Hepburn, playing a princess, escaped her responsibilities for the day in 1953’s Roman Holiday. Kangana Ranaut may not be a princess but surely the worries of a modern day Audrey Hepburn are just as wearisome as those of Princess Ann in the film. Where else could she go but Italy – the home of good food, up-to-the-minute fashion, and welcoming people! After a filming schedule of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai was canceled, Kangana escaped to Italy for a little rest and relaxation.

As she blogged on Tuesday, “I ate good food, visited beautiful places, fell in love with Michelangelo’s art, made wishes throwing coins in the fountain. I loved the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, by far my favorites. The ‘Last Supper’ is such an exquisite piece of art…I could look at it forever.”

And don’t think that just because Kangana is a two-time Filmfare Award winner that she needs an entourage – she relied on the kindness of strangers when she needed help! “I was touched by people’s easy helpfulness,” says Kangana. “Strangers clicked my picture for me or attended to me at hotel receptions or called a cab for me or helped me carry my very heavy suitcases! Strangers were friends and companions and I felt like we connected in a very spiritual way, even though I didn’t know their names. People were so polite and humble, that Italy became the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.”

But, of course, being a fashion lover, Milan was one of Kangana’s favorite spots and their love of fashion struck a familiar chord. “Milan is really such a dream for any fashionista. It’s no secret I love clothes.” She adds, “One of the craziest things I did when I was not wealthy at all, soon after my film GANGSTER, was to buy a dress that I paid so much for that I had no money left at all…not even to put dinner on my table…and I never regretted it! So you can imagine my delight at being in Milan, which really does deserve its title as a fashion capital. I had the most fun shopping in Milan.”

Now that she has had a vacation, the doe-eyed beauty will be ready to start shooting again! Along with Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Kangana has a Telugu film with Prabhas called Ek Niranjan and Kites with Hrithik Roshan releasing soon.

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