Kapoor Dynasty

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The lastest aspirant in the long line of the Kapoor dynasty is Shraddha Kapoor who makes her debut in Teen Patti. The young US-educated starlet has already set her ambitions at the top of the profession. “I would love to work with Aamir,” she says, “I have seen 3 Idiots and he was superb in the film. He is a very good actor who through his films touches everyone’s heart.”

The classically trained dancer says there were three significant steps that decided her fate in relation to getting the role in the movie and launching her career in Bollywood. “I lead a group called Jhankar consisting of trained dancers at Boston University which would perform to Bollywood numbers across the United States. Secondly, I learnt how to slush cards for this film and thirdly, being from a Punjabi family, Papa’s relatives pressured him to get me married. It could have been the end of my dream. They were shocked that Papa was encouraging me to fulfill my dreams.”

Shraddha is already being described as the sexiest of the Kapoors – is that how she sees herself? “We’ll let the audience decide that,” she says, “Sexy’s not the way I would define myself. Moderately reserved, a little shy and very curious. But sexy? Nah!”

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