Karan Johar considers his work to be his ‘lifeline’

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Karan Johar is probably still celebrating the commercial success of his latest directorial venture Student of the Year, which has become a box office hit. In a recent interview with a leading Indian news company, Karan stated that his work as a filmmaker is what he currently enjoys doing the most. Nothing except his work is of interest to him right now. “My work is my lifeline. My films move me and I don’t have a life besides my movies. They are my primary passion.” Karan also emphasized that any kind of popularity climate which the film industry is or has been subjected to has never influenced his own cinematic visions. “I am driven only by my instinct. I don’t go by what is happening around. If remakes are being made, that does not mean I will also make one. Or just because masala action films are working, does not mean I will make one. I make what I believe in and hope to achieve the best with it. I don’t follow a norm or go by trends. I make what motivates me.”

The 40 year old film director also spoke about why he was motivated to make Student of the Year, which stars newcomers Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. “Whatever I think of, I make. I wanted to make a campus film about friendship, so made ‘Student of the Year.’ It was different for us because we worked with newcomers for the first time. The whole idea excited me, so I made the film. Shooting with newcomers was a different but not a difficult experience.”

Student of the Year is still in cinemas if you are still keen to see what kind of cinema Karan Johar has now prepared for everyone!

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