Karan puts an end to My Name Is Khan speculations!

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Speculations, speculations and more speculations! It seems the bigger the release, the more speculations are created by the media and the audiences alike so naturally one can imagine that the number of such speculations for a Karan Johar project would be well in 100s!

The director who’s bringing together two of his favorite actors, Kajol and Shahrukh Khan, in his next project ‘My Name Is Khan’ has been shutting rumors and presumptions down left, right and centre as the release gets closer and closer.

The biggest of these speculations was that the film is based on the theme of terrorism which seems to be a popular theme in recent times given the release of Kurbaan and New York only earlier this year. Speaking to the media at last upon the unveiling of the first look the director said, ‘My Name is Khan’ has nothing to do with terrorism. It is not a terrorism-based plot at all. It is a humanitarian tale about love and sacrifice. It is about overcoming a phase, it is about triumph of the human spirit”

Now that we know it’s definitely not about terrorism, what is My Name Is Khan all about then? The film is said to revolve around Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh) who suffers from a form of autism. Rizwan falls in love with Mandira (Kajol) a single mother in San Francisco. Rizwan is detained by authorities at Los Angeles International Airport, mistaking his disability for “suspicious” behavior.

The story definitely sounds nothing like your average K-Jo film and that even SRK says himself, “I have worked with Karan in his first film (‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’) and has been with him all through his journey. I think ‘My Name Is Khan’ is his ultimate evolution. In this film, the way Karan has touched upon the scenes and sequences; it is very different from his all previous films”.

Now that these speculations have been finally put to rest, we can all anticipate to see just how different Karan has ventured from his usual style early next year when My Name is Khan hits screens worldwide on February the 12th!

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