Karan Turns Down SRK’s Request to Direct Ra.One

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In an industry full of self-made superstitions and beliefs, it is no secret that Karan Johar considers Rani Mukherjee to be a lucky mascot for him – which is why he insists that she be a part of his film even if it’s just a guest appearance. However, there is someone who feels that Karan himself is a lucky charm for those around him. And this ‘someone’ is none other than his best friend, Shah Rukh Khan.

SRK who is currently busy in London shooting for Ra.One, posted on Twitter – a popular social networking site – “Come to London and shoot a few shots for ra.one for luck”. Karan, who himself admitted that he never says no to SRK, replied, “Will arrive for sure bhai … though my action and sci-fi skills are highly questionable!” In fact because of this very reason, Karan is not directing the remake of Agneepath; he will only be producing it.

Ra.One is currently being directed by Anubhav Sinha (Dus, Cash). It was reported that Anubhav is so intimidated by the presence of King Khan that he seeks his approval after each and every shot has been taken. The huge budget, it seems, has made the director extremely nervous about the output as well as the outcome.

About Ra.One:

Also starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal, Ra.One is the story about a superhero Jeeva who, in Shahrukh’s words, “Can fly and can solidify electricity.” It is his special present for his kids.

International R&B singer Akon, will be recording a song for this movie.

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