Kareena’s Double GQ Bonanza

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This New Year GQ India has come out with not one but two covers for their January edition. Both covers feature the very hot Kareena Kapoor sporting a short hair cut but in dual avatars. GQ’s favorite girl talks about films, marriage and her relationship with Saif Ali Khan. In her candid interview, she openly discusses Saif, “Saif comes from a very cultured background; he is a man of the world. And he’s seen so much of life; he’s got his head very firmly on his shoulders. I can connect with this guy. He has a good sense of humor; a charming man with a lot of culture. He always liked me on screen. He said I was someone he always wanted to meet.”

And if you don’t think you’ll be able to get your hands on any of the January magazines, check out the covers. Quite a way to begin the 2010, eh?

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