Kat is Salman’s Sweetheart

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Neil Nitin Mukesh found himself in an awkward and uneasy situation recently. It seems that the actor received a phone call from new friend Katrina Kaif one day, and as usual answered in his friendly manner, “Hi Sweetheart.” You can only imagine his shock when the voice on the other side went ahead to reply, “This is not your sweetheart.” It was none other than Katrina’s beau, Salman Khan. It was then that Neil quickly apologized to the senior actor saying, “I am sorry, Sir.” However, Khan didn’t let Mukesh off the hook so easily. He supposedly reprimanded Neil for his overly casual behavior and let him know that it is not a good idea to call other peoples girlfriends, “sweetheart.”

Poor Neil was extremely nervous and scared of the notoriously temperamental Salman Khan. It seems that Neil was nervous that his new found friendship with Katrina was doomed after they struck a good rapport while on the sets of New York. However, to his surprise, when he met Khan on the sets on Dus Ka Dum, not only did Khan not “raise the subject” but was extremely “warm” towards Neil. The television game show host also gave Mukesh a Be Human t-shirt, from his own charity, which Mukesh wears regularly.

Neil accepted that the incident did in fact happen, “Yes, this did happen. Katrina is a dear friend. I have become a bigger fan of Salman bhai after I recently met him. I always address those I love as sweethearts. They (Salman and Katrina) are truly sweethearts.” Kaif, however, simply rubbished the story.

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