Koena Mitra with a British accent!

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Super-fit Koena Mitra has been toning her body for her latest superhero boy-bashing action flick Karna. The Bengali-born actress is scathing about the Bollywood trend towards size zero, claiming that thin is not fit. “In Bollywood, they think if a leading lady can do one free-falling kick she’s achieved the unthinkable,” she says, “In Karna, I’ve to do the kind of action which only male actors have been seen doing in the movies.”

She’s also been asked to cultivate a British accent for the movie. “I’ve to get a British accent, and fast. Yes they’ve asked me to speak in my own voice and in British accent because the movie will be in sync sound. I’ve to learn four different types of British dialects.”

The film will be shot mainly in Hong Kong and China.

Koena, who made a good appearance in the disappointing Cash last year, admits to having an unusual perfume fetish. “Actresses usually have shoe fetishes or then are crazy about accessories — bags, cosmetics, belts… Though I enjoy all that, what I enjoy most is fragrances and have thousands of perfumes at home. In fact, the thing that turns me on in men is their smell and the fragrance they use. Personally, I’m not a fan of the peaches and creams or the strawberries and raspberries. Women’s perfumes aren’t for me. I prefer wearing male perfumes ‘pour homme’.”

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