Kollywood Vice Shock

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The huge Chennai-based Tamil-language film industry, known colloquially as Kollywood, is in a state of shock following its latest vice scandal. The arrest of actress Bhuvaneswari for running a brothel and prostitution earlier this week has led in turn to the arrest of a media editor for his coverage of the affair.

Bhuvaneswari, who coincidentally played the role of a prostitute in the super-hit Boys, apparently provided the police with a list of other actresses involved in prostitution which was then published in a Tamil-language newspaper, Dinamalar, but without supporting evidence. The editor B.Lenin was then arrested for defamation, although he has since been granted bail.

Meanwhile, Bhuvaneswari, whilst now denying the charges against her, has promised to write an autobiography that will reveal all about the flesh trade in the southern movie industry!

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