Konkona, Forever Hatke!

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There is more than one reason for why this girl should be your typical Hindi film heroine, yet she goes against the wave each time. Konkona Sen Sharma comes from a filmi family like most of our youngsters and has worked in some of the most commercial banners like Yash Raj and Dharma Productions but still holds her ground and remains to be one of kind. She’s someone whom you cannot mix up with others despite what film she does.

Now she’s exploring theatre once again and couldn’t be more psyched to return to stage with her latest play “The Blue Mug”. Speaking about the opportunity to a leading tabloid, the actress expressed her excitement about the play: “When Atul Kumar offered me a role in the play, I was excited on so many levels. I used to do a lot of theatre in school and college. But after I started acting in films, theatre just took a backseat. I have a great relationship with the rest of the cast and working with them has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Two national awards later she calls Mr and Mrs Iyer her ‘break through’ moment – the moment in which she truly shined and people stood up and took notice. But it seems that greed for an award is not something our Koko has. “I’m not saying that awards are not important. It’s always nice to get recognised for all the hard work, but then again, who is to say what is good or bad? To think that a jury of 10-12 people on a panel can make that decision makes me a bit wary.” Well there’s a thought for all those actors thinking that an award is the ultimate appreciation, Koko says maybe not!

Of course awards run in the family with mother Aparna Sen being recipient to several of them. One has to wonder if words of wisdom from an award winning mom are the key to success or not and so Konkona sets us all straight: “Absolutely not. Firstly, I don’t think anybody can sit me down and tell me what to do and what not to. I follow my gut instinct most of the time. Ma knows this more than anybody else and honestly, she is not very actively involved in my professional life. We live in different cities, so when we talk it’s mostly about what’s happening with each other’s life.”

At last she comes to the matter in hand, that being her upcoming venture with Ajay Devgn, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?, yet another event in her life for which she is super psyched. “I absolutely loved working on the film because it is a light-hearted drama. It’s about how in big cities, space is a constraint and so when you have annoying guests visiting, there are a lot of issues that crop up. Apart from this, I also have Right Yaa Wrong, Mirch, Sunglass and Iti Mrinalini in the pipeline,” exclaimed the actress when speaking to TOI.

Koko fans have more than enough to keep themselves occupied throughout 2010 as the talented lady once again plans to woo you and ultimately leave you in awe of the talent that is Konkona Sen Sharma!

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