“Krantiveer is about awakening the youth” – Aditya Rajput Singh

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You’ve seen Aditya Rajput Singh on television, in posters for a number of popular ads and in films. This young and vibrant actor took the modeling world by thunder as when he arrived. His youthful personality and style immediately took to ad-film makers who signed him on to represent a number of products and services. Addy, as he is fondly called, was then signed on to star in the critically acclaimed Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara with Urmila Matondkar and Anupam Kher. It was Ajay Devgn who next featured Aditya in U Me Aur Hum as he played son to the real-life couple. Aditya is now a part of the much awaited second installation to the nineties hit, Krantiveer. In the second installment, Krantiveer: The Revolution, Aditya plays one of four youngsters who are out to make a difference in modern day India. Read on as he talks to BollySpice about being young and revolutionary in his own way.

You’re an actor, model and dancer. How do you manage to do it all?

Well all these acts zeroes on one which is a creative field of media and acting. I learnt dance from Shiamak Davar when I was 16 and then I got into modeling when I was 17 as a hobby. It became big for me when offers from films started pouring in. So all the things are well connected for me and have proved to work beautifully for me as an actor.

How did Krantiveer land in your lap?

Mehul-ji [Kumar] was looking for the lead cast since months and I was the lucky one to be chosen for the role of Goldy. And that too only two days before the mahurat of the film and without a screen test. I met Mehul-ji through Babubhai Theeba, the casting director of the film, with my DVD’s of Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara, U Me Aur Hum and a DVD of lots of my ads and music videos. I got selected on that!

What is the film about?

It is the extension of the first Krantiveer. It’s a patriotic movie about corruption and politics eating up our country. It’s about awakening [the] youth on these issues with a great message and lots of other things. You need to watch; I can’t open the story!

What is your role in the film?

I play Goldy, who is a super rich guy with a very soft heart. He is in love with Roshni, Jahan’s [Bloch] character. In the film somehow he goes little anti in the middle because of some situations. But I want to clarify that Goldy is not a negative character in the film at all. He is a sweet character who loves his friends.

Have you seen the first installment and if so, what did you think of it?

Yes it was shown to me by my parents when I was a kid. I still remember it left an impact on me
which it still has: to know our country in a beautiful way and to respect all religions.

What message does the film try to give and how do you think audiences will react to the film?

It’s about awakening the youth about corruption and politics which is harming our country. It gives a very strong message to the youth in a very positive way!

Is the film intended just for the youth?

As I said, the first part was shown to me by my parents when I was a kid which I still remember. So it’s not just for youth but even for kids and the elders. The message should be given to everybody; to fight against injustice happening towards our country.

What brief did the director Mehul Kumar give you when narrating the film?

That this is an extension to the first Krantiveer. I think that was enough for me as I have followed the first part in a very strong way in my personal life. Being a part of the sequel as an actor is a great feeling!

What was your experience like working with Mehul Kumar?

He is one of the sweetest directors I have worked with. He never bounds you with anything as an actor. He lets you experiment with your acting and even your looks, which you will see with all the actors on screen. In a way we all have come across so naturally on screen as the way we would have reacted to the situations in real life shown in the movie as youth.

And with the rest of the star cast, Samir, Jahan and Harsh?

It was like huge family. We used to get serious when we were filming the serious scenes. And have fun off the sets. [We played] so many pranks on each other. We had a great time shooting for the film.

Did you ever feel threatened with four actors in the film?

No, not at all! In fact it was so much fun and touchwood I started my career with Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara where I was acting with Anupam Kher and Urmila Matondkar; seasoned actors. My second [film] with Ajay Devgan and Kajol. I learned a lot; to concentrate on your role and give your best as an actor. I am not an insecure actor. In fact I feel the team makes a good film and we four have amazing chemistry which you will see on screen.

Comparisons to the first Krantiveer is inevitable. What do you think is the difference between the sequel?

I’m sure… there will be comparisons but the message is the same and it’s going to awaken the youth in a very positive way towards society, politics and our country. In the sequel, since the media is very strong nowadays, the media plays a very important part.

What revolution do you feel is needed by the current youth in order to “clean the system” in India?

That’s what is there in the film. We all need to see it to change ourselves towards our country, to
make it the best.

What expectations do you have of the film?

The strong message which should go to people in a very positive way!

What message would you like to give the audiences and why should they watch Krantiveer?

I believe it’s high time for our country, politicians not to take things lightly. It’s just not for youth or elders, but it’s important for the kids of today who are the future of our country. We need to change certain things. That’s what the film is about [and] I totally believe in that.

And with that, Aditya signs off. Be sure to look out for the actor in his upcoming film. Krantiveer: The Revolution is hitting cinemas on June 25th. You can be sure it is going to change your perception of the youth and Indian politics. Get ready to be a part of the awakening!

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