“Krantiveer will trigger an emotion inside you” – Harsh Rajput

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Harsh Rajput began his career in the world of television. Creating immense waves and earning himself a professional reputation, he finally landed his first film: Krantiveer: The Revolution. The actor has chosen to avoid the regular route of entering films and instead is beginning his film career with a serious film directed at the youth of India. The youngster found himself becoming a part of the film almost by sheer luck but as you will soon learn, believes this is the ideal way to begin his movie acting career. Determined and convinced that the film is out to make a difference, read on as we chat with Harsh regarding his debut into the world of films.

You are a young and accomplished television actor, what made you decide to move into films?

Well, firstly I would like to say that I am not an established actor just as yet but thanks for your kind words. Anyways, I personally believe that I have long, long way to go as an actor I believe that whatever the medium, our primary job is to entertain the audiences. I don’t carry such notions that I only have to do films only but at the same time every actor wants to do film whether it’s a television actor or theatre actor. Films are the final destination of an actor. So when I got chance to act in a film I grabbed the opportunity.

How did you meet Mehul Kumar and land a role in Krantiveer: The Revolution?

Well, I was doing Anurag Kashyaps telefilm Rajuben for Sony Channel when I met one of my friends Reba Ayaz at coffee shop who suggested me for the film. After that I met Mehul-ji and showed him my show reel. He liked my work and felt I was apt for the role of Uday and by the grace of God I became a part of Krantiveer 2.

What is your role in the film?

My character’s name in the film is Uday Patenkar. Uday is the son of a very powerful Chief Minister. At the same time he is very fun loving, down to earth kind of guy. He loves his friends a lot just like you and I, and at the same time he is not driven or influenced by the power he has received in heredity. He is a true believer of his Dad. He prefers to walk the right path and he cannot stand anything wrong. He will do anything for truth and justice.

You are a part of the youth in India and the film talks about a youth revolution. Do you feel you can relate to the film?

Absolutely, I completely relate myself with the core subject of the film. The film talks about the change we need to see around and yes, as a youth of the country we need revolution within the country itself. If you see 70% of our population is under the age of 40 so obviously this nation is a YOUTH driven nation. And I believe WE YOUTH CAN BRING THE CHANGE.

What did Mehul Kumar say to you when he briefed you about the film?

Firstly, I was very excited to be a part of this sequel. And the only thing which Mehul-ji told me was to be as honest as I can towards my character. It’s a very complex character and hence, it had to be molded in a very peculiar way which Mehul-ji thoroughly took care of and that’s about it.

How was it working with an accomplished director like Mehul Kumar?

It was like a dream come true. He is one of the best we have and thankfully by the grace of God, the kind of position and situation I am in at this stage of my career, I needed someone like Mehul-ji who is extremely experienced and talented, to guide me through. I completely surrendered myself to him and he completely molded me like a true craftsman and I am really happy to work with him.

What is the difference between working in films and on television?

Nothing, nothing at all. As I said earlier, the medium does not matter as an actor our primary job is to entertain the audience. Today television is at a parallel with cinema. I can proudly say that because I started with television, I am doing films today.

You worked with a number of other actors including Jahan, Aditya and Samir. How was that experience?

Well the experience was amazing working with my co-artists. Since we all belong to a similar age group, we had blast during the entire process of filmmaking. Besides sharing great chemistry on and off the screen I did get to learn a lot from them.

What message, in your opinion, is the film giving?

Well, the sole content of the film is honesty and it revolves around that. We have tried to bring light to the unfortunate problems which you and I are facing today. Don’t you think it’s about time that we stop taking bullshit which we are force to take every day, start introspecting and go out there and fight for our rights?

How do you think audiences will react to the film and its message?

Well we have tried our level best and rest is in the hands of God almighty. But I haven’t lost faith completely in people of this country I believe there are people who feel alike, who think alike and unfortunately for what so ever reason haven’t been able to express their grief in the way we are governed by our great politicians.

Have you seen the first Krantiveer? What was your opinion of the film?

YES! Obviously who hasn’t? It was a great film.

Why did you choose to begin your movie career with a film like Krantiveer rather than one that is more commercial?

Well it was the content of the film which really kicked me and I had no second thought about it. And be it commercial or noncommercial I want to do good work and thankfully I have made right choice.

What expectations do you have from the film?

I hope it does well. Without being too modest I hope it does good business at the box office as well. But what I’m surely expecting that once people who have watched the film come out of the cinema hall, it will be a different high altogether; rest is in the hands of God.

What message would you like to give the audiences and why should they watch Krantiveer 2?

I wouldn’t say much. All I would say is that we have made this film with sheer honesty it will entertain you completely. At the same time, [it will] trigger an emotion inside you which has been long asleep.

You can be sure that post Krantiveer: The Revolution, you will be seeing a lot more of Harsh. Krantiveer: The Revolution is hitting cinemas on June 25th. You can be sure it is going to change your perception of the youth and Indian politics. Get ready to be a part of the awakening!

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